Cardiff Fencing Club

About Us

Cardiff Fencing Club is Wales' oldest established fencing club. In addition to providing fencing as a social activity, our top fencers have an excellent record of competition success at Commonwealth, British and Welsh levels.


The club meet, with the exception of the Christmas holiday, throughout the year. Students can train at any of the three fencing disciplines:

  • Epee – the modern equivalent to the Rapier;
  • Sabre – historically the cutlass or cavalry sword; or
  • Foil – a sword whose conventions have been developed by masters over the centuries.


The club is affiliated to Welsh and British Fencing.

Safeguarding and Welfare

Cardiff Fencing Club follow the Safeguarding Policies and Codes of Conduct as set out by British Fencing


BF Safeguarding Hotline: 07526 003030

Where do we meet?

The Club meets at:


Welsh Institute for Sport

Sophia Gardens (off Cathedral Rd)


CF11 9SW

Car Parking, changing facilities and showers available.

When do we meet?

Wednesday evenings 8.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

Club Officials

Who are the coaches, and what are their qualifications?

  • Prof. Peter Stewart - B.A.F
  • Anne Stewart - Maitre d'Escrime - previous International Foilist & epeeist and Welsh Champion.
  • Andrew Shearn - BF Qualified Coach
  • Nick Charles - Level 1 Sabre, Welsh International
  • Alistair Brook - Level 2 Sabre


Other officials:

  • Kirsty Lewis - Welfare Officer


New students will need trainers and long trousers or a track-suit.


The club provide the appropriate clothing, masks and swords to get you started. After the introductory period we expect you to gradually obtain your own kit - we can provide advice and guidance regarding this.


For competitive fencers we have available 14 full sets of electric boxes/spools etc.

How do I start?

Please contact Peter Stewart: